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Jul 23, 2014
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Jul 23, 2014
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Hey guys, i'm back from Wyoming, Lot of fun. But now I have a small problem.

While most of my OCs have parents who are more that happy to watch over their kids, Leon, Yukio, Lily, Marcus, Tommy, Mike, and Anya really needed a place to stay. SO, I let them stay with Kiara at her daycare, in their beloved little kid forms. (They're so cute as kids and are little angels at the age, I couldn't resist). However, I have to go to maryland tomorrow (i'll have my Laptop, don't worry), and I promised Kiara that after wyoming, i'd take the kids off her hands and give her time off for her two kids. But Now the little ones need a place to stay tomorrow.

So... I have a favor... regulus58, ReadyUnknownFox, Rae-Chan13, and Kit-The-Wolfy, I was wondering if one of you (maybe in story form) could watch over these seven little cuties. They're good kids, i promise, and they really enjoy kid form and have be good kids, so they deserve a little more kiddie time. you are the ones of trust the most (Miguel's busy with some things). COuld you please help me out here?

Which weapon should come next? 

12 deviants said Scythes
11 deviants said Guns
9 deviants said Boomerangs
3 deviants said Whips
2 deviants said Hammers


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keyblade drawer, TF story writer etc. etc.

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