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Keyblade Forge
Tundra Breaker Keyblade by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Blade of the Heart by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Virtualizer Keyblade by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Keyblade 0 Autistic Heart by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Honest Tide Keyblade by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Keyblade 1 Guardian Wing by Wolf-Prince-Leon
One Keyblade, Inked and colored, with a (simple) Theme or Motif of your choice
Anthro Avatar
Leon the Paw Patrol Pup by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Beast Brother Avatar: Mage the Starlit Deer by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Beast Brother Avatar: Eliyora the Fox by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Beast Brother Avatar: Dr. Wolf by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Beast Brothers Avatar: Josh the Fire Coyote by Wolf-Prince-Leon
One Youtube Avatar, anthro only

Paw Patrol Pups
Cubby the Investgation Pup by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Maxy the Intel Pup by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Lexie the Aerial Pup by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Rae the Fire Pup by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Pepe the Water Pup by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Team Role:
Uniform Color:




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Give away my points to help others, gotta start again

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Yeesh, when guys want Keyblades, you REALLY want them.

I've made to made ones that were specific:
Bionic Heartwield by Wolf-Prince-LeonBranching Destiny by Wolf-Prince-LeonBullet Chaos by Wolf-Prince-LeonBlue Tornado by Wolf-Prince-LeonNoble Shroud by Wolf-Prince-Leon
Ones that were Fun to do:
Shadow Fire by Wolf-Prince-LeonEM Wave Strike by Wolf-Prince-LeonFriendship Growth by Wolf-Prince-LeonCosmic Howl by Wolf-Prince-LeonSnow Blitz by Wolf-Prince-Leon
I've had crazy, Random or ridiculous:
Solar Storm by Wolf-Prince-Leon Rainbow Art by Wolf-Prince-LeonUnbroken Loop by Wolf-Prince-LeonMightiest Hero by Wolf-Prince-LeonBlade of Hate by Wolf-Prince-Leon

And Even out of my Comfort Zone three times:
Nanny's Hand by Wolf-Prince-LeonJudgement Bringer by Wolf-Prince-LeonKnight's Code by Wolf-Prince-Leon

And I'm gotten complains, demands for redos, and even insults and threats, despite my BEST efforts.

HOLY SMOKARINOS! I need to get a handle over all these requests, people. Besides! Only one Keyblade was actually a commission: Shadow-Yveltal's Shadow Fire. (Thanks for that BTW, you're awesome)

SO here's the deal
Two lists. One for Commissions, the other for requests, each with rules, provisos, and stuff.

Point Commissions:
20 points each
will be prioritized over Requests
Commissions are allowed to request specifics on the details along with the motif, naming it even.
If you don't like it, you can request ONE redo.

ONE per person, per list
No guarantee when it will be posted
You are ONLY allowed to choose the motif, I decide the rest. And keep it simple, period.
You get what you get and you DON'T complain! (you know who you are)
2. Etherfang (Monado)
Keyblade Join.Me

Watch me forge my ten newest Keyblades

6 down, 4 to go


I'd like to make a shout out to gottemsquickfoot. He deserves a LOT more attention than he gets. He's got a lot of fun and creative ideas. So Check him out.
If you could choose three VG Characters (non-Disney) to wield Keyblades, who would you choose?

Personally, I'd pick:

Toriel (Undertale)
Red XIII (Final Fantasy VII)
The Skiver (Megaman X5)
Does anyone have a spare Cherubi or Cherrim?


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
keyblade drawer, TF story writer etc. etc.

3DS Friend Code: 3883 - 8350 - 2454

More than TFs by Firework154DONT FAV IT, PLEASE! Donate points .stamp. by raquel-cobiPoints Commissions Stamp by HornedStorm:thumb175818827:Wolf at Heart Stamp by Aura-BleedingHeartRiolu Stamp by NoNamepjeLucario Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsI love Falcons by WishmasterAlchemistI love Owls by WishmasterAlchemistI love Red-tailed Hawks by WishmasterAlchemistCharmander Stamp by lightpurgeSquirtle Stamp by lightpurge144 - Articuno by PokeStampsDex115 - Kangaskhan by PokeStampsDex156 - Quilava by PokeStampsDex164 - Noctowl by PokeStampsDex200 - Misdreavous by PokeStampsDex203 - Girafarig by PokeStampsDex214 - Heracross by PokeStampsDex235 - Smeargle by PokeStampsDex241 - Miltank by PokeStampsDex246 - Larvitar by PokeStampsDex037 - Vulpix by PokeStampsDex049 - Venomoth by PokeStampsDex087 - Dewgong by PokeStampsDex131 - Lapras by PokeStampsDex148 - Dragonair by PokeStampsDex151 - Mew by PokeStampsDex261 - Poochyena by PokeStampsDex276 - Taillow by PokeStampsDex309 - Electrike by PokeStampsDex330 - Flygon by PokeStampsDex363 - Spheal by PokeStampsDex364 - Sealeo by PokeStampsDex376 - Metagross by PokeStampsDex381 - Latios by PokeStampsDex380 - Latias by PokeStampsDex382 - Kyogre by PokeStampsDex390 - Chimchar by PokeStampsDex391 - Monferno by PokeStampsDex403 - Shinx by PokeStampsDex408 - Cranidos by PokeStampsDex410 - Shieldon by PokeStampsDex418 - Buizel by PokeStampsDex427 - Buneary by PokeStampsDex447 - Riolu by PokeStampsDex448 - Lucario by PokeStampsDex471 - Glaceon by PokeStampsDex482 - Azelf by PokeStampsDex492 - Shaymin by PokeStampsDex497 - Serperior by PokeStampsDex498 - Tepig by PokeStampsDex502 - Dewott by PokeStampsDex522 - Blitzle by PokeStampsDex564 - Tirtouga by PokeStampsDex585 - Deerling by PokeStampsDex586 - Sawsbuck by PokeStampsDex610 - Axew by PokeStampsDex613 - Cubchoo by PokeStampsDex621 - Druddigon by PokeStampsDex625 - Bisharp by PokeStampsDex627 - Rufflet by PokeStampsDex628 - Braviary by PokeStampsDex647 - Keldeo by PokeStampsDex017 - Pidgeotto by PokeStampsDex024 - Arbok by PokeStampsDex025 - Pikachu by PokeStampsDex058 - Growlithe by PokeStampsDex107 - Hitmonchan by PokeStampsDex121 - Starmie by PokeStampsDex123 - Scyther by PokeStampsDex128 - Tauros by PokeStampsDex153 - Bayleef by PokeStampsDex190 - Aipom by PokeStampsDex196 - Espeon by PokeStampsDex215 - Sneasel by PokeStampsDex222 - Corsola by PokeStampsDex228 - Houndour by PokeStampsDex249 - Lugia by PokeStampsDex359 - Absol by PokeStampsDex

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Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite cartoon character: Riolu, Lucario
Personal Quote: Don't judge the book by the cover

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