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I finished my class rather early, so I'm back for the summer.

Contest Still open: 
AFK for a while / Hikario Contest

And now i'm opening point commissions for Keyblades:
 Keyblade Designs: Commission List

I'd love to turn the Keyblade Forge on once again. SO don't be shy.

and I'm also doing a special offer to kick things off:

For seven people, One free Keyblade Design from the forge, IF you help spread the word and promote my keyblade. I'm talking journals about me, featuring my Keyblades in your own artwork, etc.

1. The-Purple-Smeargle Rainbow Motif
2. gottemsquickfoot Digimon Crests Motif
3. Vergil030900930
4. HarrisonButterGem
Hey guys, I'm gonna be away for a good chunk of the Summer, got a summer class to get through.

However, I'm gonna leave something for you guys. A little Contest.

Twelve lucky characters have the opportunity to be featured in the Hikario Journey (Hope Version)’s final leg: the Star Conference!

They’ll get to take on one of the four major trainers, showing off their own Pokemon teams.

You have a chance to have your character appear in Pokemon Hikario.

Just follow the following rules:

1: You have to create a character with the following:

  1. A unique backstory

  2. A team of six Pokemon

  3. A distinct personality

  4. A distinct look for the character, (MUST be human)

2: No characters with bizarre powers that don’t fit into canon, such as X-Ray vision or the ability to turn into a Pokemon. (If you have an unusual skill you really want your character to have, run it by me or my co-writer, Kit-The-Wolfy, to make sure it’s acceptable.)

3: On that note: No transformations! (Unless your character has a Ditto or other Pokemon with the move Transform.) This isn’t a TF story. I’m keeping this strictly separate from those. No exceptions.

4: No Legendary Pokemon on the team. They’re overpowered, and ordinarily your characters wouldn’t be able to find them in the first place.

5: Your character/team cannot be perfect! That way lies madness. Madness and Mary Suvianism. I will not accept any of the “No one can beat me, I don’t care if it’s the main character himself, I NEVER LOSE!” nonsense.

6: Negative personalities are discouraged. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a snarky, abrasive, or just downright mean character, but Kit and I would rather you didn’t submit deliberately cruel or bullying characters-- especially the type who hurt their own Pokemon! We have quite enough of that in Hikario itself, thank you very much.

7: Characters will have a better chance if you include extra information, like a backstory, a picture, a vignette showing them in action, etc.

8: Only ONE character per person! It wouldn’t be fair if you submitted two while everyone else only got one.

All characters need to include the following:





Pokemon: (Must have a team of six)


Other Notes:


Name: Nicky Anderson

Age: 16

Personality: A levelheaded, sensible teenager who can be a bit sarcastic. Often derided as a “stick in the mud” due to his grounded nature, he is nonetheless the anchor by which Leon and company are rooted to reality.

Attire: Blue jacket, yellow neckerchief, and blue jeans. Hand-painted Chesnaught logo on white T-shirt, and grey sneakers.

Pokemon Team:

  1. Chesnaught

  2. Quilava

  3. Sharpedo

  4. Noctowl

  5. Sylveon

  6. Mightyena

Backstory: Leon’s childhood friend. They met at Leon’s daycare when Leon was four. Since Nicky comes from a poor family, he greatly cherishes what luxury items he does own, such as “Betsy”, his hand-me-down pickup truck. His Chesnaught, Perry, is his best friend, other than Leon himself.

Other Notes: Nicky is able to speak Kalosian (French) and Fiorean (Italian) in addition to Unovan (English), which is the standard language of Hikario.

This contest will close once Leon and co. make it to Star Island for the Conference.


LevelInfinitum’s entry:

Name: Benjamin Ocean

Age: 13

Personality: A very intelligent young lad, and very athletic. He enjoys travelling, but finds it difficult to make friends, and often feels lonely in the world. (Would like a device that allows him to translate Pokémon’s voices to English, as he cannot understand the fact that they only say their names.)(denied)

Attire: Ocean Blue Hair, Blue Eyes, Black T-Shirt, Blue Denim Jeans (No Underwear), White Socks, Grey and Green Trainers with Orange Soles.


  • Venusaur

  • Delphox

  • Aegislash

  • Lapras

  • Lucario

  • Sigilyph

Backstory: Has lived most of his life alone, as he had no parents that he knew. He grew up as an orphan, but has always wished to travel the world. He dreams of the legendary Pokémon Xerneas, which is his ultimate dream Pokémon.

Other Notes: Benjamin has an IQ of 164, entering him into Pokémensa, the Pokémon world branch of Mensa which recognises the intelligence of trainers. He trains his Pokémon hard, and likes them to be high levelled and ready for any opponent. He feels that failure is not an option, but knows that he can and must accept it. He quickly learns from failure each time.

GinTheWerewolf’s entry

Name: Cecil Heathcliff

Age: 16

Personality: Cecil is clumsy and, although a bit shy, he’s quite friendly with who he gets to meet. He does become rather aggressive when put into pressure.

Attire: A short-sleeved black jacket over a long-sleeved white undershirt, dark blue pants and a pair of black shoes


  • Zoroark

  • Lilligant

  • Gallade

  • Weavile

  • Noivern

  • Starraptor

  • Escavalier

Backstory: Cecil was raised to be, simply put, the best trainer of the Heathcliff family, preparing for this since the day he was allowed to have pokemon. Failure was not an option to him, as his parents left clear. They never told him the consequences of failing but left him scared enough to avoid it at all costs

Other Notes: The Heathcliff name carries some weight, so Cecil tends to avoid even mentioning he’s from that family. Cecil becomes visibly apprehensive when losing a battle, and might start doing reckless things in battle.

ReadyUnknownFox’s Entry:

Name: Jay York

Age: 15

Personality: Calm and cool, yet friendly and energetic. Win or lose, he’s out there to have fun and make new friendships along the way. He’s easy to get along with and has a never give up attitude that helps him persevere over any obstacle that’s put in his way.

Attire: A long blue jacket over a white t-shirt, light gray jeans, white and blue sneakers, blue diamond pendant necklace


  • Ampharos (Mega Evolution)

  • Zangoose

  • Butterfree

  • Noctowl

  • Quagsire

  • Ninetales

Backstory: At a young age, Jay was always fascinated by Pokemon and wanted to be able to train one on his own. When he got older, he got his chance by befriending his first Pokemon in his Ampharos. His parents were supportive on his decision of starting his journey and wished him all the best. Because of that support, that’s how the never give up personality made itself known.

Other Notes: Jay is very vocal when battling and often is in sync with his Pokemon when battling. His training regimen isn’t as harsh as some other trainers, but it’s definitely enough to get the job done.

Pokemon Hikario Contest StoryPokémon Hikario Journey, Hope:
Sidestory: Water Festival Mishap
It was a bright and beautiful Saturday morning, out at the Hikario Sea, as the S.S. Wave Star made its way through the waves. The ocean waters began to gleam at the sunlight’s rays, shimmering beautifully in its gentle light.
“Wow… the view of the ocean looks great.” Jay said as he looked out from the balcony of his room. The young boy’s dark blonde hair blew gently in the wind. He blinked his blue eyes.
A younger boy, red-brown hair and matching eyes, in red footies, and a little Houndour pup came onto the balcony, yawning.
“Morning Jerry. Did you sleep well?”
“How’d you get us such nice beds?” Jerry asked, the Houndour panting.
“Just wanted to make sure that you had something comfortable. I think it’s also partly because I’m partaking in the Star Conference too.”
It was true, Jay was entered in the annual Hikario Region Po


Name: Star Dragnovin


Personality: Quiet, Determined, Good listener, Kind, and open to others ideas

Attire: White long sleeve jacket over a black T-shirt, black shorts and black shoes.


  • Shiny Eevee named Yin

  • Rapidash

  • Dragonair (Shiny)

  • Arcanine

  • Luxray

  • Aurorus

Backstory: Star is the long lost cousin of the Dragnovin clan, (That includes Lance and Clair). Her parents died in a forest fire separating her from the rest of her clan. She was adopted into a family in the Johto Region where she adopted/befriended Yin. Star decided to journey the Johto Region when she came of age and started to battle the gym leaders. When she reached Clair’s gym, She noticed similarities to her cousin that was thought to be dead. After losing her battle Clair requested that Star visited the elder. Upon doing so the Elder was overjoyed to see his missing granddaughter he sat her down and explained her lineage. Understanding where she came from Star asked him permission to continue her journey, which he said yes. Now she travels the Hikario region training her pokemon along the way.

Other Notes: Star is closest to Lance, and the Dragonair was a gift from him, as a welcome home, present.


Does anyone have a spare Cherubi or Cherrim?
Well... this is it...

I know it's a bit early, but I can't wait.

As I take my leave, I ask one favor. Let my characters continue on without me. I don't want them forgotten.

Well, it's time.

Keep being great people.

With any luck, i'll be back this summer.

WLP, out.
So DA's April Fools is the Art Stroke... well played.
BG characters for Beast Brothers.

Need ideas for their names.


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