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A boy was waiting patiently in middle of a town plaza, "Come on guys, don't keep me waiting..." he said.

At that moment, he caught a glimpse of an older boy riding on his scooter toward him, "*huff* *huff* Sorry I"m late, Michael, my dad made me make him breakfast, plus I already had to make my own.

"I know how you feel Conner, my dad beat me for 'using too much cheese' in our breakfast." The boy showed conner a new bruise.

"My dad told me I didn"t use enough..." Connor quietly said, sorely rubbing his arm which was covered by his long sleeve.

"Well... did you get the game?" Michael asked, hoping for SOME good news.

"I think so," he said unzipping his backpack and looking though his things.

Then there it was, Animal Adventure.

"You got it?"

"Mm, Hmm!" Connor exclaimed happilly.

"Now when the others get here, and can go play it at Mrs. McColley's place." Michael smiled.

"They should be here any second now," Connor replied.

On cue, another boy arrived, on his bike. "Hey guys, sorry i'm late, Dad made me cancel my missing pet report."

"That"s terrible!" exclaimed Connor, "I miss Hunter..."

"Poor hunter..." Michael said.

"I know...poor puppy..."

"Sorry, Vincent." Michael said.

"Well, he could'nt have gone far" said Connor, "right...?"

"Oh wait... don't he adore going to Mrs McColley with us?" Michael remembered.

"... We can only hope." Connor stated with a slight hint of optimism.

"So... where's emily?"

As if on cue, a bus pulled up near the square. After the usual crowd of people pilled off, a small girl quietly said her thank-yous to the driver and walked off, with her teddy bear in hand.

"Speak of the crow." Vincent said.

"Hi guys." Emily greeted.

"You found Stitches?" Michael asked.

"Yep," Emily replied happily, "he was under mom's bed."

Emily's teddy bear had stitches all over it *hence the name* and was missing an eye. Despite this, Stitches was Emily's treasure, and considered him a true friend.

"Well, that's everyone." Michael said, "Come on, we need to go to Mrs. McColley's place."

"Alright!" exclamed Connor.


The four make their way to a house a couple of streets away from the plaza. It seemed that good things were already happening, as a Golden Retriever pup was waiting in front of the house.

"Look!" shouted Emily.

"Hunter?" Vincent called.

The dog's ears perked it looked up at Vincent, panting and wagging its tail. "Arf Arf!" It ran to the boy.

Vincent happily cuddled his dog. "Hunter, i'm so glad you're okay."

"What did I tell ya?" Connor said rather smuggly with his arms crossed.

"So he is yours, is he Vincent?" Someone at the door asked.

All four of them looked up to see a familiar face.

An adult women, in a nice light blue dress.

"Yes Mrs. McColley. It's Hunter."

"Mrs. McColley!" exclaimed Emily, running up to her.

"You kids seem rather happy to see me... what did they do this time?"

"Well..." Connor muttered, anxiously rubbing his arm.

"Dad made Hunter run away." Vincent said, hunter whimpering as he cuddled with the boy.

Connor finally and reluctantly rolled up his sleeve to reveal a cigarette burn on his arm.


"The basic beatdown for me." Michael said.

"My mom..." Emily muttered hesitantly, holing stitches close, "she- she didn"t do anything... she just kept me locked in my room as usual."

"Don't you kids think this has gone on long enough?"

"Yeah...," Connor stated solomely, "yeah I do..."

"Indeed, so did you bring that game you all said you said was your favorite?"

"Oh, yeah!" Connor remembered, and pulled out the game, "It"s right here!"

Mrs. McColley smiled. "Perfect, come on in. You too Hunter."

The kids walk in and are greeted by the comforting atmosphere of her home.

"X-Box is in the living room, I was able to set it up myself this time."

"Thank you Mrs. McColley," Emily said very gratefully.

The kids headed to the living room, and Mrs McColley just kept smiling.

They find a small yet comfy couch in front of an X-box and an old television.

"Put it in, and let's play!" Vincent said, Hunter barking happily.

Connor puts the game in, presses the power button, takes his controller, and takes his seat on the couch.

"You ready guys?" Connor asked excitingly.

The game started up.

Emily sits down on the side of the couch and nods.

"Hey... the save data's gone."

"Aww, come on," Connor sayed bummbed, "I had hours worth of data on that."

"Well, We'll just have to... huh? Secret Mode?"

"That"s strange. What do you think it is?"

Michael, out of curiousity, selected Secret mode. In the game, six Animals- Two bear cubs, a Blue Bird, a Golden Retriever, A White Rabbit, and an Orange Fox Appeared, and the game asked Michael (actually saying Michael) to select one.

"M- michael," Emily asked shocked, "Did the game just say your name?

"It did..." Michael gulped, he looked at the choices, and selected the white rabbit. Suddenly the room around the kids began to change, becoming a small room with no exit.

"What the?"

"The Room!"

"Hey... Michael... you okay?"

Michael didn't answer, he was just staring blankly at the tv screen, his eyes swallowed in a raindow of swirling colors.

"This is spooky..." Connor stated.

Emily, very unnerved, holds on to Connor and Stitches tightly.

Micheal's shoes began to fade away. Slowly but surely, patches of white fur began growing from his skin. His feet began to morph, his toes fusing together, leaving Michael with rather cute little rabbit paws for feet.

"Oh, god," exclaimed Connor, "Ive seen this movie before" and quickly hides behind the couch.

Still in his trance, Michael sits down as the changes show no sign of slowing down. His shorts vanish, prompting the others to look away out of modesty, and the fur grows up his legs. His legs also begin to change shape as his knees seem to bend forward. Soon enough, his legs went perfectly well with his new feet. As the changes contined up to his torso, his shirt vanished and at least one of the other kids had a fair idea what was happening to him. More fur grew all over his torso and Michael got down on his elbows. From his rear, a small stubby tail popped out. Once his chest and back were white as snow, his arms began to change and grow fur. The structure in his arms began to alter to accomidate for a omnipedal stance.Also, his fingers had shrunken into digigrade rabbit paws. After a few more alterations in his insides, his spine readjusted itself, letting Michael freely stand on two or on all fours. Just as his new fur was reaching his head, he began to shrink down. His ears began to move to the top of his head and grow in size. Lastly, as he finished shrinking, his mouth grew out into a cute little muzzle, which in turn grew whiskers, his nose turned small and pink, his ears finished growing out, and his entire body was covered in white fur.

All the other kids gathered around what was once a human boy, now a small white rabbit.

The hypnosis soon gave Michael's eyes grow heavy, as he slowly drifted into gently slumber. By magic his clothes magica fit him again.

"Michael looks so content like that." VIncent said, "Maybe we can help him get comfier."

"Emily, pass me that blanket on the couch, and Vincent, bring me that little pillow next to you."

Without wasting a second, Emily grabbed the blanket and Vincent of the pillow. They both brought them to Connor.

He gently wrapped the blanket around Michael and put the pillow under his head. As he tucked him in, the little rabbit smiled in his sleep and snuggled into his pillow.

"He's happy." Vincent smiled.

Then, to the children's shock, Michael faded away, disappearing.

"W- where did he go!?!" asked Emily worried.

"Look," Vincent pointed. "and the game."

In the game, the white rabbit was suddenly sleeping, wrapped in a blanket, and laying on the a pillow. it didn't take long for the kids to put the pieces together.

"Guys..." said Connor, "I think that's him!"

"He's in the game..."

Then, the game asked Vincent to choose an animal.

Emily and Connor simply looked at him as Vincent looked at the screen, and back at his controller.

Hunter nuzzled Vincent, giving him a nod to go for it.

Vincent wasn't sure if choosing an animal the same way Michael did was such a good idea, but he looked on the screen to see that, while a different species, Michael looked happier then he had ever been.

"Well, what do I have to lose?" he then picked up the controller.

He selected the blue bird. Then, his pupils shrank away, replaced by the swirling rainbow.

"Here it goes..." said Connor standing back.

Just like with Michael, the first thing to happen was that his shoes disapeared. His feet began to take on a rough texture. Two of his toes sank into nothing and the other three began to elongate into talons. His feet altogether began to thin out and another talon grew from the back of each foot. Soon enough, they had completely grown and sharpened out.

"C'mon Vincent." Emily said, Getting Vincent seated on the couch. "Michael made it through his transformation, and you can too."

Once the changes started up his legs, his pants vanished into thin air. when it got close enough to his torso, they started to thin out. Soon, they became so thin that they could no longer support Vincent's still human upper body, good thing Emily sat him down. They finished thining out and Vincent now had a bird's talons, but the transformation wasn't quite over yet. The other kids noticed patches of blue feathers growing from his arms.

"Here come the wings, I hope the changes don't hurt Vincent." Conner said.

Sure enough, the feathers engulfed his arms and he had a fine pair of majestic blue wings. As this was happening, the same blue feathers began to appear around his lower regions and spread upwards. From his behind, a set of blue tail feathers began to grow. His shirt soon vanished and his torso was being overtaken by feathers. As it reached his neck, his body began to shrink and alter to make more more aerodynamic. As the changes began finishing his head, his ears disapeared into his head and his mouth hardened and eongated into a beak. Once he had finished shrinking, and his tail feathers fully developed, Vincent was a full-fledged juvenile blue bird.

The boy's eyes grew heavy, as the hypnosis made him sleepy.

"Emily, grab the little bed over there." Connor said.

Emily nods and quickly grabs the bed, bringing it to Connor. Connor then carefully sets his blue, feathery friends on it. Hunter lays down with Vincent, serving as the bird's pillow.

"Now for the blanket." Connor said, before grabbing a nearby blanket and wrapping it around Vincent. "And one for you too, Hunter."

About as soon as the two remaining kids stand back to look at Vincent and Hunters snuggling with eachother, they vanished in the same way as Michael. Connor and Emily looked up to the screen, and as they expected, they had both joined Michael in the game.

"Look at them.. they're so happy."

As they looked at the screen, Emily suddenly heard her name being called. She looked up at the screen as it asked her to pick the next animal.

"I- I geuss it"s my turn." she said nervously.

"Relax, Hold Stictches tight, I can choose for you, so you don't have to let him go."

Emily smiled reluctantly at Connor, held on tightly to stitches with one arm, and used her free hand to pick up her controller. As she looked at the choices, she noticed one of the bear icons in the corner. She looked at her beloved stuffed animal, thinking about how she relates more to him than her own mother, and figures that it would be a perfect choice. Before she can have any second thoughts, she selects the bear.

Her eyes were swallowed in the swirling rainbow, she just sat there, holding her teddy bear, ready for her turn.

Of course, both of her shoes vanished before her feet became coated in brown fur. Like Michael, her toes shrank and became digigrade. On the bottom of her feet, small pink pads grew out. Once her feet had become a bears hind paws, they grew a juvinile set of bear claws to match. Her skirt vanished and her legs began to change

"I wonder where those clothes are dissapearing to..." Connor asked himself.

Emily's legs were soon completely covered in bear fur and they began to change into a shape made for mainly quadrapedia locomotion. As they finished reshaping, her entire lower body had grown brown fur *which meant Connor didn*t have to look away anymore*. Just as her shirt vanished *which caused Connor to look away again* a small, stuffy tail grew from her rump. Still in her trance, she wagged it uncounciously. Once her torso finished up, she got down on her arms and knees and fur fur started spreading down her arms and to her hands. As her arms changed shape, her hands went through similar changes to her feet. Just like with the previous two children, as soon as the changes reached her head, her body began to shrink down. It reached her ears, which had moved higher up her head and rounded out, and only a small portion of human skin was left on her face, soon enough, her mouth stretched into a muzzle and her nose turned black and wet. Finally, she had completely shrunken down into an adorable little bear cub, still holding Stitches tightly in her forepaws.

Her eyes then returned to normal, and she quickly collapsed into a deep slumber. Connor quickly grabbed the remaining blanket and pillow, and gently tucked her and her teddy in.The only sound Connor could hear in the room beside the static from th television was Emily's gentle breathing. Next thing he knew, Emily and her toy had both vanished from their spot on the floor and reappeared in the game.

Oddly... Stitches appears as a REAL bear cub, wrapped in the blanket with Emily.

Then the game asked COnner if he was sure he wanted the Orange fox.

Connor quietly had an inner monologue with himself. everything else was chosen, and Hunter and Stitches were probably the dog and the other bear on the roster. He finally figured that is there was any animal he could be, any other life he could have, he'd be a fox any day

"...Yes, Yes I do," Connor answered, just before he realised he was talking to a television, and confidently selected the fox.

As if on cue, as soon as he did so, he lost conciousness, as his eyes were swallowed in the Rainbow colors.

In a trance and completely alone in the room, his shoes dissapeared from his feet. Afterwards, black fur started growing on them and his toes shrank. As with Emily, he too had small pink pads growing on the bottom of his feet. After they shrank into digigrade paws, claws grew out from each of his "toes". His pants of course, vanished next and the black fur grew up his legs slightly before it was replaced with a bright orange color. Just then, his knees shifted backwards and he was no longer capable of standing upright. As he fell on the couch on his behind, his nether regions started to be overcome by the orange fur. He had even began growing his new tail, which was tipped in white. His shirt finally vanished, and while the rest of his torso was growing orange fur, the area around his chest was growing white fur. It wasnt long before his arms and hands were next to change. Orange fur traveled down both his hands until it came close to his arms, where black fur once again began to grow. His thumbs shrank into his hands until they were nonexistant, and his fingerds shrank, making possibility in his "hands" a thing of the past. Once they had finished developing into paws, his spine realigned itself and trapped Connor on all fours, causing him to cuncounciously sit like the canine he was turning into. As he began to shrink down, brown and white fur began to grow on his head. His ears became larger and pointier, improving his hearing, and moved to the top of his head. His mouth also grew into a cute white muzzle, with a black wet nose to go with it. Within his muzzle, his mouth elongated and his teeth grew into fangs, which might have been a bit uncomfortable had he not been unconcious. When Connor finally finished shrinking down, he had the body of an orange fox pup.

By magic, he was tucked into a bed, pillow, and blanket, as his eyes grew heavy. Under his blanket, as if by instinct, he curled up like any other fox would and fell asleep. Not a moment too soon after, he too vanished and appeared in the game, leaving behind an empty room.

Someone entered the room, "Time to close the transformation gate." The person said, pressing the power button on the X-box.


Morning, the sun shined brightly, coming into the bed room.

Connor slowly and groggingly opened his eyes, the events before falling asleep were a bit of a blur to him at this state, and he assumed he must have had some really trippy dream. However, he noticed things looked very different around him. He was in a rather cozy and nice little bedroom, much nicer than his own. He also noticed that wherever he looked, there was this strange white object just below his vision. He tried to touch it, but almost lost his breath when he discovered that his human hand had been replaced with a black paw. But then, when he stood up, he found himself trapped on all four.

"What the? ...was it real? ...mirror... I need a mirror."

He then quickly shook off his covers, jumped off the bed, and looked around the room. He looked around for a mirror, bewildered by how large everything seemed to be. Eventually, he discovered a fancy looking dressing mirror near one of the walls.  One good look, and he was amazed. Instead of the human boy he was used to seeing, he saw a tiny orange fox.

"It... wasn't just a good dream..."

He tilted his head, and the reflection followed suit. Then he lifted one of his paws, and his reflection did the same. He looked over his body to see he also had a fully functioning tail.

"I- I"m a fox..." He muttered to try and convince himself, "I"m actually a fox..."

Then he remembered. "My friends..." He noticed three more beds. One with a little blue bird and a golden retriever, one with a cute little white rabbit, and one with two little grizzley bear cubs.

"The others!" he thought to himself, "of course!"

He gently nudged the rabbit. "Michael, wake up."

The little rabbit woke up, yawning. "Huh... a fox... wait... why is everything so big... what's... i'm... a rabbit?" Suddenly, Michael was frozen in fear. "What happened to me... why... am i a little rabbit."

"Michael, calm down... it's me, Connor."

"Connor? You're a Fox... but how? and where are we? what about the others?"

Connor gently nuzzled his little rabbit friend, getting him to calm down.

"It"s okay, you were the first one to be changed."


"That game, I think it has somehow changed us all into animals." Connor said, looking at the other two beds. "Now only that... but we're now IN the game."

"Wait... we're IN Animal Adventure?"

"Well, I'm guessing this is more the world of the game. We're in Mathias," Connor said.

"So... When I chose the white rabbit..."

"You became a white rabbit," Connor finished for him, "same thing happened to the rest of us."

"So... we'll be okay? Right?"

"Of course. In fact, I now recognize this house. It's Erika's house, you know, that kind and caring animal caretaker that adopts Mike at the start of the game?"

Michael looks around the room, confirming Connors theory, "wow," he muttered, "this really is Erika's house."

"Shhh, the others are still sleeping." Connor shushed.

"oh.... sorry."

"How 'bout you relax for now, you seem comfy in your new human bed."

"Okay," Michael whispered before yawning and snuggling his head back into his pillow, "goodnight."

"Sleep tight little buddy." Connor tucked Michael in, as the little rabbit fell back to sleep. He then jumped off Michael's human bed, and onto Hunter and Vincent's, and nudged them each a little.

"Vincent...?" he whispered, "Hunter...?"

Sure enough, they both slowly woke up and found themselves in an unfamiliar location.

"Wha-where a-" those thoughts were inturupted when he turned to his side to see that his dog looked HUGE.


"It's me, Vincent... And I can talk now that we're in Mathias, the world of your favorite game."

"Wh- wha...?" he stammered, confused and scared beyond belief.

"It"s true," Connor piped in, "we're in the video game now. You at yourself."

Vincent looked down at himself to see feathers, talons, and wings, things he knew he didn't have a few hours ago. He then remembered seeing Michael chamge into a rabbit.

"We've really been turned into animals? and sucked into Mathias? And... you can talk now, Hunter?"

"Yep, yep, and of course, the magic of Mathias gives feral animals human voices remember?"

"So, I"m a bird now?" he asked.

"And you're adorable as a bird," Hunter said, nuzzling Vincent.

Vincent closed his eyes in content and shook his wings happily. "Thank you Hunter."

"YOu're welcome, now Connor wants to talk to you." Hunter gestured to the fox cub.

"C-Connor?" Vincent asked, "is that you?"

"Yep," he replied happily, "pretty sweet huh?"

"Is... Michael okay as a rabbit? he never realized all the details of all that after all."

Connor looked over to Michael in his bed sleeping contently, "he looks alright to me."

"What about Emily?" asked Vincent.

"I haven"t spoken to her yet," Connor replied, looking over at the two sleeping bears. "Just relax, I can tell you're both rested and energized, but lemme make sure the others are okay. Alright?"

"Alright," Vincent replied before snuggling into Hunter's golden fur.

Hunter tucked Vincent in, letting his wings stay over the blanket. "I got Vincent," He said before gently licking the top of his small head.

Connor smiled and jumped off Vincent and Hunter's bed. Now he just had to see to Emily.

He nudged her, and the other bear.

As Emily woke up, she found herself rested against something strange yet very familiar.

She turned toward it to see a small male bear cub, though it looked large to her. As it opened it*s eyes, as if through the strong bond they have shared over the years, Emily recognized him almost instantly.

"St-Stitches...?" she asked suprised, "Is that you...?"

"Is... that my name?"

Emily realized it quickly, her teddy bear was real. now more Stitches or patches, and his right eye was back, she remembered his name before he was given all that. "No... your name... it's Kuma."

"E... Emily? Is that you? you've been turned into a bear cub? Like me?"

"What?" Emily asked not totally able to comprehend what she just heard.

She then looks over her own body, to find she was an adorable little bear cub like Kuma.

There were no words. She was scared, frozen in fear, shaking.

But then, Kuma cuddled her, "Remember? hug me and I can take away the fear." he reminded her of the old days.

Kuma's cuddling calmed her down, and she gently wrapped her forepaws around her oldest friend, giving him a bearhug. Kuma did likewise, and they both felt like nothing could ever harm them.

As if by magic, as Emily hugged kuma, the bear made her fear go away, she felt safe with Kuma.

"This feels so much better now that I can hug back," Kuma admitted.

As they kept each other warm, Connor looked on in happiness.

"Emily, you okay?"

Emily and Kuma looked up to see that Connors voice had come from a fox pup sitting at their bed.

"Is that you Connor?" Emily asked.

"Mm, Hmm." he said proudly, "I picked the fox."

"I can see that," Emily smiled.

"I let michael know about what happened. And I see you have a new brother."

"Brother..." Emily thought out loud, "...I like that, a lot."

"Me too," agreed Kuma.

"HELLO!" A voice said.

The awake kids looked to the door.

The voice belonged to a small, orange robot in the shape of a cartoonish bird, with green eyes and a golden beak. Its body was held together by red screws.The feet looked a bit like shoes instead of talons. It wasn’t exactly a convincing replica of any bird. But at least it was cute.

"What"s that?" asked Kuma

"It's Data! The Magic Bird Bot, the Menu pal!"

"And you kids are the transformed humans brought here by Erika McColley." Data said.

"Um..." muttered Emily nervously, "yes..."

"Wait... Data, repeat that last name please?"

"Yeah," said Emily, "It almost sounded like you said-"

"It's McColley. It's your friend from your world, she's the hero's adoptive mother, and your new momma too. Mike's coming today, and you'll be his new friends at home. And I will be here help Erika Care for you."

Hearing this, Connor's tail began to wag like crazy. Emily and Kuma were just as estatic.

"That"s... fanastic!" Connor replied.

"Did you hear that Kuma, said Emily, "we get a new mommy!"

"and as you know, Mike's home town and the people in it are untouched by the game's events, period, to we'll all be just fine." Data said.

Just then, Michael began to stir awake, before scratching the back of his ear with his foor, and opened his eyes to see that a small robot had joined them in the room.

"Did I miss something?" He asked.

"Look, it's Data, your favorite character!"

"Oh... I'm your favorite, Michael?"

"y- yeah!" he said excited.

Data came onto Michael's bed. "that's nice of you. Oh, Erika's coming in now!"

The kids turned animals grew excited as Mrs. McColley entered the room.

"Mrs. McColley!" Michael shouted as he hopped out of his bed and into her arms.

"You kids like my gift?" She asked, cuddling Michael.

"We sure do!" Connor said looking up at Mrs. McColley, tail still wagging.

At this point, Emily and Kuma both got out of bed and walked toward her.

"Y- you"re our new momma?" Emily asked.

"Yep, well, you're my children now."

Emily, with tears in her eyes and a big smile on her face, nuzzles lovingly against Mrs. McColleys leg.

"Th-thank you..." she cried, "thank you so much...!"

"You children are the sweetest kids i've met in your world, you earned it. Oh, it's almost noon, Mike will be arriving soon. Data, can you watch the kids while I greet Mike?"

"Certainly!" Data replied.

Hunter got Vincent out of bed. "Come on, Vinny, mike will be here soon." Hunter said.

Mrs. McColley set down Michael with the others and left the room. Once she left, the kids played together in the room, adjusting to their new forms.


Day One, 9:30 PM

there was a Knock on the door, the adopted kid has arrived.

Connor's ear twitches at the sound and looks over at the door, "He's Here!" Connor barked as a young boy entered the room.

Data flew infront of the boy. "You must be Mike!"

"Um, yes," he replied putting his hand out, "pleased to meet you."

"I'm Data! I'm charge of watching over you and your new animal buddies." Data began introductions. "this little rabbit is Michael!"


"Hi!" Mike replied happily.

"Up next," Data Continued, "is Vincent and his canine companion Hunter."

"Hey Mike!" Vincent greeted excitingly, flapping his wings hard enough to hover a bit before falling back down onto his dog's head, having not yet mastered the art of flight.

"He's still a hatchling." Hunter said.

Mike chuckled a bit.

"Over here," said Data, "we have Emily and her broher Kuma."

"We"re both very happy to meet you," she said, being at her best manners, like Mrs. McColley taught her.

Kuma nodded.

"Well aren"t  you two just adroable," Mike commented.

"...and finally," Data concluded, "this little scamp is Connor."

"Nice to meet you Mike!"

"Likewise," Mike replied, rubbing Connor's head, causing his tail to wag like crazy.

"And that"s everyone!" Data stated. "Now since it's late, let's all get some sleep, your bed is the one with the blue covers, just get near it and press the A button to rest and Save your progress."

Michael walked up to his bed somehow pressed A, which caused the game to save. After a few seconds of waiting, he got himself settled under his covers.

"Let"s all make it a point to make sure he never forgets to save," Connor suggested.

His friends nodded in agreement.

"To think, We're here now... and our lives had changed for the better by at least several miles... The least we can do is help Mike." Michael said, climbing into bed, Data Tucking him in.

"That sounds good to me." Vincent commented, as Hunter brought him back into bed.

Once Michael was tucked in, Data picked up the two little bears and settled them together on their bed. As they snuggled together, happy they could finally be the siblings they were at heart, Data layed the blanket over them.

"Good night everyone," Data said, getting comfy in his charge station.

"Goodnight." Everyone replied, with a hint of drowsiness in their voices.

"You know guys?" Mike asked quietly.

"What?" asked Connor.

"I have a feeling we're gonna have many interesting adventures together." Mike smiled before closing his eyes.

The kids all soon joined him in slumber, eager for the next day.
Into the Game, Feral TF/AR x4
This is TF I did with MaxWhittemore 

Been wanting to do a Feral TF for who knows how long. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY, MAX!

Also, you'll notice the Bird Bot, Data, he's a new recurring character. He'll serve as a guide, helping TFees through Transformations, otherwise, basically being a good little buddy you can count on. 


Chapter 1: The Battle Begins

“Colossal Fighter! Attack Rude Kaiser and end this duel!” A boy said, commanding a large, white colored, robotic warrior with blue gemstones embedded in its chest and joints. (ATK: 3800 (Original- 2800), DEF: 1000) They faced down a girl controlling a green, reptilian warrior with armor and blades on its arms. (ATK: 1800, DEF: 1600).

With a brutal haymaker punch Colossal Fighter destroyed Rude Kaiser turning it back into the hologram it was as well as taking away two thousand life points with a single punch from the girl.

(Ishani: 2000 -> 0)

“And it’s OVER! The Duel is over! Luke Collins is the winner of this year’s Mathias High Duel Tournament.” shouted the 30 something year old man at the microphone as the crowd went wild upon seeing another duel in this hyped up tournament.

Luke, the red haired boy, walked over to Ishani, the dark haired girl. He offered her a hand up. “You were the toughest opponent I ever faced. Thanks for the most Duel i’ve had.”

“Thanks. What do you think the prize for winning is?” asked Ishani as she looked over the crowd seemingly envious about having come in second place.

“Not sure.” Luke said.

Luke was a sixteen year old duel in the city of Mathias, Maryland. He was a popular kid in high school, Strong, Brave, and Smart. He was currently at Mathias High School, competing in a Dueling Tournament at the request of the faculty.

“Congratulations, we knew you’d win.” said a confident sounding teacher.

“Oh?” Luke tilted his head.

“That’s why the prize is-” the Teacher handed Luke two cards: Assault Mode Activate and Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode.

“What?! THAT’S the prize? but that’s only something I could use.” Luke said, not impressed.

“True but I do have another gift in mind for you for winning this tournament.” said the teacher as she held up a small glowing pendant in her hand. “It’s called the Destiny Crystal, it’s said if you’re its destined owner, it grants you a great power, but also a great responsibility.”

“Interesting.” Luke said. As he looked at the Crystal, something felt strange, like something was with him. Unable to resist the temptation, he accepted the pendant, and placed it around his neck.

Luke felt what seemed to be a static shock as he felt the pendant touch his exposed skin. After feeling this shock he could have sworn he heard a voice speaking a unidentifiable whisper close to him.

“Get away from that teacher now!”

Luke didn’t know what was going on, but when he quickly noticed the teacher’s face, he quickly jumped away.

The Teacher had a face of ill intent- dark, scary, treacherous. She took out a remote, and pressed a button on it.

With a loud ratcheting noise, metal screens slid down over the doors and windows, locked up good and tight.

“what the?” One boy said, confused.

“Why’d the gym get put on lockdown?” Another boy said, becoming scared.

The Teacher smirked, looking straight at Luke. “So... you’re the destined owner of the Destiny Crystal. Perfect. Now you can help me takeover the city. Once I beat you in a duel.”

“WHAT?!” Luke said, shocked.

“You heard me brat. Let’s Duel!” shouted the teacher as she activated a duel disk of her own. “The first move is your’s.” she said as her life point counter went up to 8000.

“Fine!” Luke activated his own Duel Disk, Designed like Colossal Fighter.

“Duel!” Both said.

(Teacher: 8000, Luke: 8000)

“I draw.” Luke drew.

“Be careful!” a voice said to Luke.

“Huh? Um... oh right! I summon Goblindbergh!”

The duel disk activated as the hum of a plane was heard as a big nosed green skinned humanoid wearing a pilot’s outfit and flying a plane appeared on the field. (ATK: 1400)

“and with his ability, I can summon a level 4 or lower monster in defense mode, I play the tuner monster- Rose the Warrior of Revenge.”

A human monster appeared this time, wearing a skin tight black uniform with a katana sword and long flowing red hair. (ATK: 1600)

“Now I turn the level 4 Rose the Warrior of Revenge with the Level 4 Goblindbergh!”

“Putting out your best card this early? You’ll make a fine servant.” said the teacher as Goblindbergh burst into four shining orbs of light that aligned themselves with Rose Warrior of Revenge before bursting into light.

“The Strength of Heart is never a force of evil, Synchro Summon! Protect the Innocent! Colossal Fighter!”

Once again, he came before Luke- a large, white colored, robotic warrior with blue gemstones embedded in its chest and joints. (ATK: 2800 -> 3000)

“How did your monster’s attack go up?” growled the teacher as she looked at her hand like she had gotten a death draw.

“For every warrior in the graveyard, Colossal Fighter gains 100 ATK. With two just sent to the graveyard by the Summoning, he gains 200 ATK. Now I set three cards and end.”

“So it’s my turn then? I draw.” said the teacher as a cruel smile appeared on her face.

“I set a monster face down on my side of the field then I place two cards of my own face down.” said the teacher.

“Ok! I draw!”


“Huh? Who’s there!”

“I’m right here on your side of the field.”

Luke looked at CF, who, to Luke’s shock, looked at him with a smile.

“Hello Luke.”

“Colossal Fighter?!”

“I’ve waited years to be able to talk to you.”

“You’re... talking to me?”

“I am. That crystal around your neck has awakened a power within you: the Power to see and communicate with Duel Spirits, but now’s not the time! Look at the teacher!”

Luke looked at the teacher and was shocked by what he saw. Behind the teacher was a dark shadow, a dark figure that he recognized: Saggi the dark clown.

“What is he doing here?" Luke asked.

“He is a Parasite. A dark duel spirit that only cares about its own agenda. They are known to manipulate, deceive, or downright possess humans in order to gain what they want. There's only one way to get rid of them, you must win this duel, then I will be able to seal away this parasite.” Colossal Fighter explained.

“Understood. leave it to me!" Luke said without hesitation. “My turn! I draw!" Luke drew his card. "I'll start with my face down: a trap card known as Colossal Stomp." Luke flipped up his first face down. "Because I have Colossal Fighter on the field, I can destroy one card on the field. Say goodbye to your facedown monster."

Colossal Fighter raised his foot, aiming at right at the facedown monster, which was revealed to be Giant Soldier of Stone. With one swift stomp, the stone warrior was smashed into small pebbles.

“Next is my second face down, "the always simple Dust Tornado!" Luke flipped up his second face down. "This allows me to destroy one spell or trap on the field, be it face down or face up. And I will be aiming at one of my own!"

The trap cards created of vortex of wind, sucking in Luke's final face down and destroying it. "That in turn activates the trap, called Trap Storm! When this card is destroyed by card effect, I'm allowed to destroy two cards on the field, so say goodbye to your own two face downs."

The storm became larger and more vicious, as it sucked in the teacher's remaining facedown cards, Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder, and tore them to shreds. destroying them completely.

"Next up, I play my spell, Card of Demise." Luke drew till he had five cards. "Next I play graceless charity, this allows you to draw three more cards, as long as I discard two." Luke then drew three more cards. As Luke discarded Comrade Swordsman of Landstar and Marauding Captain, Colossal Fighter gained more power. (ATK: 3000 -> 3200)

"Now I play five spells," Luke readied his entire hand, "first up is Lighting Blade, raising my monster's attack power by 800!"

As Luke play the card, a large blade appeared in colossal fighter's hand. (ATK: 3200 -> 4000)

"Next is Axe of Despair, which raises his power by another thousand." The sword disappeared,  only to be replaced by a very powerful looking Axe. (ATK: 4000 -> 5000)

“Coming up next, Warrior's Katana, since I am equipping it to a warrior type monster, that monster gains another thousand." The Axe dissipated and was replaced by a powerful katana. (ATK: 5000 -> 6000)

"Card number four is Mage Power! For every spell a trap card on the field, Colossal Fighter now gains 500 additional attack points. And with four out, that's another 2000!"

Colossal Fighter gained a powerful blue aura, giving off a look of extreme power. (ATK: 6000 -> 8000)

"And to make sure you don't try to counter this, card number five is the quick play spell, Warrior's Forbidden Art. This allows me to double Colossal Fighter's attack power, but at the end of the turn, colossal fighter's removed from play and cannot be returned to the game for the rest of the duel. But with all this power, we won't even reach my end phase."

The warrior type Synchro monster than doubled in size, overflowing with immense power, the teacher looked helplessly at the being that will soon attack her directly, she knew she'd lost. (ATK 8000 -> 16,000)

"That monster's too strong!" The teacher said, afraid of the inevitable defeat that she knew was coming.

"Sorry but I can't afford to lose this duel. Colossal Fighter! Attack her directly, Colossal Strike!"

Raising the katana to the sky, Colossal Fighter prepared for its attack. Then, with one swift swing, The duel was over, as Saggi the dark clown exploded into pixels, which were then absorbed into the Warrior's Katana. The parasite was sealed away. (Teacher: 8000 -> 0)

The teacher collapsed, out like a light. The other kids were worried about having getting out. Luckily, the teacher had the remote in her hand. It fell out when she collapsed, so Luke picked it up and pressed the button, causing the doors and windows to all open, letting everybody out.

“Well done, Luke. Impressive card combo." Colossal Fighter complimented.

"Thank you." Luke said happily as everyone else safely got out. But then as he walked out of the school himself, he looked at Colossal Fighter with a very serious face. "You need to explain to me what is going on, before I help you any further."

"Fair enough. As you have discovered, Duel Spirits exist. There are two types. There are Partners, like me. Kind, gentle, and trustworthy Duel Spirits that pride ourselves on harmony with our human counterparts. We do our best to make sure our human counterparts are okay and happy."

"Hence why you are willing to help me." Luke summised.

"Exactly. But then there are the Parasites, like Saggi. Like I said, they are cruel, malicious, and conniving spirits that only care about themselves. And as also mentioned before, They manipulate, deceive, or downright possess humans in order to gain what they want. If they gained too much power, it could be very disastrous for the human race. Thus, We Partners have brought it upon ourselves, now that people are discovering the existence of duel spirits, to team up with our human counterparts and seal away the parasites before they do any damage that could threaten everything."

"So you need me to defeat those under the influence of these so-called parasites spirits, so that you can seal the parasites away, Correct?" Luke asked, putting two and two together.

"In a nutshell, can I trust you in this time of need?"

"Sure, if it means protecting the world, I'm all in." Luke smiled. "But for now, let's head home. I'm starving."

"Very well, off we go."

Luke ran off, finding his bike and heading home.


From that day forward, life was never the same for our boy Luke. The battle had just begun, and he had a long road ahead of them. Luckily, he would not duel alone.

But those tales are for the next chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh TRUTH!

Yu-Gi-Oh TRUTH, Chapter 1
With me starting a Yu-gi-oh Fanfiction with Matty, I was inspired to do one of my own. So here it is!

If you're interested in see Yu-Gi-Oh BRAVE, coming look at my new FanFiction Account…


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